Frequently Asked Questions

Before ordering your wonderful pet portrait, you may want a few questions answered.  We understand that you want this to be just perfect; so check out some of our F.A.Q's below:



  • How do I order?

    The easiest way to order is through our website, that you're already on!  Simply choose your style, upload your pictures and pay! If this is not for you, you can order via Facebook Messenger or email. Either way we are happy to help. 

  • How long do they take to create? 

    Our drawings take approx 2 weeks to complete.  If you need them for a special occasion or event please do message us on our Facebook Page so we can ensure it reaches you in time. 

  • How much is shipping? 

    Shipping is completely FREE! We cover all over the UK and ship within the UK ONLY.

  • What happens if I don't like my drawing?

    If, in the unlikely event you do not like your Pet Portrait, we unlike other similar services, give you the option to get your drawing edited. After you have ordered you will get a FREE email preview of your picture.  It is important that at this point you highlight any changes that need to be made. Our artist will then take your feedback onboard and get back you with the relevant changes. 

  • How much do they cost?

    All our styles cost from just £40.  Yes, that's right, you can own one of these fantastic custom artworks from £40.

  • How do I send my pictures?

    I'm sure you have plenty of great pictures of your beautiful pets.  The easiest way to send us your pictures is to upload your photo(s) when placing an order on our website.  If this is not suitable for you or you experience any problems, we can accept them via Facebook messenger or even email. Either way, we only need the digital copies of photos so you can keep your originals at home.