Pet portraits

Welcome to Painted Paws!

We are so pleased that you have come across our website and can’t wait for you to see all the different styles of pet portraits and gifts we do!

No animal too big or small, we paint and draw portraits of anything from teeny tiny reptiles to huge dogs, and every pet in between.

When it comes to painting and drawing your beautiful pet portraits, all we need is a clear, good quality photo and we can complete the art work straight from that. If you have a favourite pet photo you are unsure of, please feel free to send it to us and we can tell you if its something we can work from. It doesn’t need to be professional by any means, it just needs to be clear and show off your pet’s personality!

Once you have chosen the style you would like your pet’s portrait to be drawn in, uploaded your picture and checked out, one of our team of talented artists will get to work for you! It really is as simple as that!

Once your pet portrait has been completed, we will email you a preview of the drawing, once you have approved the portrait, it will be shipped to you on a print or canvas of whichever size you selected when ordering. Then whether it is a gift for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, we know you’re going to love your amazing pet portrait!

Pet portrait prices start at just £40 for one pet, for two or more pets on one portrait the prices vary, there is a table detailing this below.

We often paint and draw precious pets as gifts, it’s such a personal and unique gift and we feel honoured to be able to be a part of what can be such an emotion evoking gift, especially if the pet featured in the portrait is no longer with us. What better way to remember them forever than with a stunning portrait made with love.

Every painting and every portrait we create is special to us and the same amount of passion, love and of course attention to detail goes into every single drawing. That is why we have such a high rate of customer satisfaction and happy recipients of our gifts and such fantastic reviews which can be seen on our facebook page!

Painted paws begun its journey back in September 2016 as a single artist and a facebook page operating from a dining table! The unique and colourful style of our pet portraits quickly gained a huge following and the orders for pet portraits and gifts started coming in fast! Portrait after portrait were being created and less and less sleep was being had! After seeing so many beautiful pet portraits completed and how happy the customers were with their art, we couldn’t bare to turn down any orders and that is how we began to grow. Slowly and tentatively we took on more artists and even customer service staff to answer all the questions we had flooding in, and now we are proud to say we have a fantastic customer service team along with a team of brilliant and talented artists whose work is all of an exceptional standard!

We are a really happy team and love the work we do. You will always find someone willing and happy to help you on our facebook page and you will always receive high quality, beautiful pet portraits. We have customers who order again and again as gifts for themselves and gifts for others.

To date, we have drawn thousands of cat portraits, dog portraits, horse portraits, rabbit portraits, hedgehog portraits, bird portraits, reptile portraits, fish portraits… you name it… we’ve drawn it!

Most of our pet portrait orders feature dogs. As a dog owner and lover myself I can see why! Pets become more than just animals, they become family and having treasured portraits of them hanging on the walls of your home is a beautiful way to immortalise them.

We are able to draw as many pets on one portrait as you require, we have done portraits in the past featuring as many as ten pets! We can draw pets together, even from separate photos. A great way to incorporate dogs, cats, horses and any other pets you’ve had, past and present!

Don’t forget to connect with Painted Paws through our facebook and instagram pages, you will get to see lots of completed pet portraits as well as videos of the artists working on the pet portraits, customer testimonials, you will also be able to enter competitions and get exclusive discount codes!

Feel free to have a browse through or site and have a look at all the styles of pet portraits that we can do for you!

Order now and have your pet portrait in as little as two weeks!