Painted Paws - Our Story

From humble beginnings from drawing my own two beautiful dogs we have grown into a close team that insure your beloved pets are shown in the most perfect way 

Who are Painted Paws?

Painted Paws UK are a company that celebrate your beautiful pets past and present in amazing ways. Our unique styles set us apart from the competition. 

We combine amazing styles with high-quality finishes that ensure every Pet Portrait that leaves our hands are something to treasure and adore. 

 Not only are our portraits high quality they are affordable to all, with prices starting from just £40, this ensures a quality product at an affordable rate. Your portrait is in your control, you choose the style, the size and even which photo we draw your pet from. 

No animal too big or small, we paint and draw portraits of anything from teeny tiny reptiles to huge dogs, and every pet in between.

Pet portrait

How Does it Work?

Ordering your Pet Portrait does not need to be difficult or a long process. Our website can handle the whole transaction, from the photo you want drawing to the delivery to your address. 

Step 1 - Choose your style 

 We offer 7 different styles to get your pet drawn in below, simply choose your favourite style then click on your favourite styles picture below. 

 Step 2 - Upload your picture & choose your size 

Once your on the product page you will be able to upload your favourite pictures of your pet, then add your required size, we range in Print and Canvases from A4 all the way to A1 😲. 

Step 3 - CHECKOUT 

Once you've chosen your favourite style, size and photos of your pet simply pay. We accept all major credit/debit cards plus Apple Pay making it even easier to get your perfect piece of art 


Do i have to pay for shipping?

No, all our prices fully include the cost of shipping to anywhere in the UK. 

What happens if i don't like my drawing?

If in the unlikely event that you do not like your Pet Portrait, we unlike other similar services give you the option the get your drawing edited. After you have ordered you will get a FREE email preview of your picture, at this point its important that make us away of any changes that need to be made. Our artist will then take your feedback onboard and get back you with the relevant changes. 

How long do i have to wait

Our team here at Painted Paws UK don't want to keep you from your portrait for any longer than necessary. We will get your portrait to you within 2 - 3 weeks of you ordering, this allows us to make sure that every portrait is finished to a high standard and is not rushed at any stage. 

PLEASE NOTE- If you require an edit these times may be longer

How do i know if my picture is ok to use

90% of pictures submitted are perfectly fine when drawing your pet, however a few will not be. Most pictures taking on any smart phone are great, as long as there well lit and not cut off at any point. If your unsure you can contact us on our Facebook Page, we will email you if you have submitted your order with a low quality image. 

Find out more about Painted Paws

Painted paws begun its journey back in September 2016 as a single artist and a facebook page operating from a dining table! The unique and colourful style of our pet portraits quickly gained a huge following and the orders for pet portraits and gifts started coming in fast! Portrait after portrait were being created and less and less sleep was being had! After seeing so many beautiful pet portraits completed and how happy the customers were with their art, we couldn’t bare to turn down any orders and that is how we began to grow. Slowly and tentatively we took on more artists and even customer service staff to answer all the questions we had flooding in, and now we are proud to say we have a fantastic customer service team along with a team of brilliant and talented artists whose work is all of an exceptional standard!We are a really happy team and love the work we do. You will always find someone willing and happy to help you on our facebook page and you will always receive high quality, beautiful pet portraits. We have customers who order again and again as gifts for themselves and gifts for others.To date, we have drawn thousands of cat portraits, dog portraits, horse portraits, rabbit portraits, hedgehog portraits, bird portraits, reptile portraits, fish portraits… you name it… we’ve drawn it!Most of our pet portrait orders feature dogs. As a dog owner and lover myself I can see why! Pets become more than just animals, they become family and having treasured portraits of them hanging on the walls of your home is a beautiful way to immortalise them.We are able to draw as many pets on one portrait as you require, we have done portraits in the past featuring as many as ten pets! We can draw pets together, even from separate photos. A great way to incorporate dogs, cats, horses and any other pets you’ve had, past and present!Don’t forget to connect with Painted Paws through our facebook and instagram pages, you will get to see lots of completed pet portraits as well as videos of the artists working on the pet portraits, customer testimonials, you will also be able to enter competitions and get exclusive discount codes!Feel free to have a browse through or site and have a look at all the styles of pet portraits that we can do for you!Order now and have your pet portrait in as little as two weeks!