8 things to do with your dog to make them happy 😃

8 things to do with your dog to make them happy.

Our furry-feathered friends are loyal, loving, and protective. They care and love us unconditionally without any pinch of selfishness. The least we could do is make sure they are healthy and happy as they can be. There are hundreds of ways you can spice up your dog's life from redecorating their rooms together to playing and taking those outdoor walks, here are eight astounding things to do with your dog to make them happier.

1. Play, play, and more play

Just like we human beings, our four-legged friends demand undivided attention when we are around them. Taking time to play with your pet is an excellent way to help build your relationship and communication. Play games that will help him exercise more and that are more engaging for both of you. Playing hide and seek, for instance, keeps your dog's scent tracking skills in check while some good racing in the park helps him stay physically fit.

2. Spoil them with toys

Dogs get bored sometimes, notably when you are away for work. They also get tired of playing with the same toy. So, if there aren’t enough toys for him, try purchasing new toys and help him play with them. This creates a form of bonding, and your dog feels happier. If he is not the toy type, you can device new games using what you have to play with them. For instance, you could play with food, by making him find hidden treats or chase your hand to get them. Outside, you could throw an item and make him get it for you.

3. Reward good deeds with gifts

Whether it is at work or school, we all feel happy when someone appreciates or reward us. Dogs also thrive on positivity, appreciation, and compliments. Aside from just saying “good boy” or “or “thank you boo," you can go an extra mile and get your pet an extraordinary gift. Make sure he knows the reward is his and why you bought for him. Allow him to open it and play with it. Gifts and treats motivate them to do things right.

4. Be the one to give them a bath

Dogs don't enjoy being in the water, and to some bath time is a nightmare. Well, your dog may not need that everyday bath, expressly if he detests it. However, you could just be the perfect individual to help him get over it. You could help him enjoy his bath, by offering treats when he cooperates and play with him bath time games. This way, he will look forward to bath time.

5. Allow them to help when they want

Sometimes we are so busy with cleanings and other duties that we lack time to play and bond with our pets. You might be tempted to treat your pooch like a child and keep them off your work when you are busy. Instead of sending them away to play with their toys, try giving them some duties or allow them to help you. If you are mopping the house, you could put them in charge of removing the small rugs as you clean. This way, they will feel loved and appreciated and will always be happy to help whenever you ask.

6. Teach new tricks

Dogs have all the time in the world to learn new things. Teaching your dog new tricks is an excellent way of identifying what your dog enjoys doing, his weaknesses, andstrengths. Providing your dog with mental stimulation and those yummy treats makes him happy. Remember that even old dogs can learn new things, so don't shy away from trying something new with your senior.

7. Compliment the good deeds

Compliments are quite essential when building a relationship with your pet. Both verbal and physical praise means making your dog feel how good and valuable they are to you. They don't have to be doing anything, in particular, to be told this. Just spending time with your pooch praising and petting makes them feel happy and appreciated.

8. Take walks together

Everyone loves a pleasant walk, so does your dog. Just like you wouldn't want to get bored in the house all day, dogs don't like it either. If you haven't been around because of work, take that chance to take your dog on a walk and let him meet new people and probably a few friends. When considering that walk, don't go alone, your pet could be the perfect companion for you.

Dogs are simple fellows, and so is making them happy. Simply spending more time with them goes a long way towards generating a permanent bond along with the small activities you perform together.

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