Why smiling at your pets is very important

Why smiling at your pets is very important Did you know that animals can smile just like human beings? If a dog, for instance, shows its teeth to another dog or even when it is seen baring its teeth and laughing, it has a good intention. It's simply letting the other animal know that he doesn't mean any harm and that he will not bite. The same is also true with human beings. Smiling is a form of communication and often it means that there is no harm or bad intentions involved. When you smile at your pet, your dog or cat understands this as an expression of affection and he will happily return your gesture in the form of wagging his tail or moving toward you. The most important thing for you to remember is that your pet will want to play with you or be affectionate if he sees you smiling. Smiling is a reliable way of knowing whether or not an animal means no harm. A dog, in particular, can growl and bark while approaching someone but there's a big possibility that his intentions are friendly. He may even be wagging his tail and that's because he's just happy to see you. One more thing you should know about smiling is that it reduces stress on both the animal and on the user. Nothing can put a pet in a better mood than seeing his owner smile at him or her so make sure that you do this often. A certain level of stress is evident in an animal when he moves back and forth or scratches on the surface of the floor but this will all change once you start smiling at your furry friend. And speaking of stress, there are a lot of ways to help reduce it in canines, felines and other pets that belong to different species. One of the best techniques that you can try is petting. Your dog or cat may like it when you touch their back, belly and ears but they also look forward to getting affection through touching. When giving your pets attention, make sure that all of their needs are addressed including food, play time and quality time with you. Don't forget to smile at your pets and let them know that they are loved. They will appreciate every moment they get to spend with you especially if you gift them with a nice, warm smile. So, the next time you look into the eyes of your pet, don't hold back from showing him how much he means to you. You may even be surprised to know that he can smile just like you do. Shower him with affection in the form of a warm, friendly smile and you'll see how happy your pet can become.