Top 12 Heartwarming Pet Memorial Gifts

Losing a beloved pet can be one of the most heartbreaking episodes of one’s life because it means the end of a close friendship and the loss of a true life companion. If a friend or a family member has recently lost a pet due to either sickness, old age or an accident, pet memorial gifts may be the most thoughtful way of letting them know that they are in your thoughts. However, choosing this type of gift is not that easy, which is why we’ve gone and searched the web for the best pet memorial gifts that really say ‘I care’.

Pet Memorial Custom Canvas 

 This is a perfect way to celebrate your beautiful pet. You can upload you pets photos on their website. The fact you can upload your dogs photo makes this gift so much more personal to you and your pet.

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Pet Memorial Gift Frame

Get your friend or family member a cute and rustic picture frame which is inscribed with touching and rMemorial gifteassuring words. Most of the ones available online can hold a 4x6 photo of your loved one’s late pet, and you can engrave the wooden ones with beautiful patterns using laser inscription. You can also customize it with small details like a paw imprint.

Personalized Pet Memorial Keychain

A personalized keychain is one of those pet memorial gifts that allow you to keep the memory of your pet always close. Most can be custom-made into a dog bone or a paw print shape, and can include a cremation urn, a phone, a cute paw print, or a thoughtful message that’ll remind the owner of the good times that they shared with their pet.

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Custom Engraved Bird Feeder

If your friend is fond of birds or lives in an area that is frequented by birds, then an inscribed bird feeder made from genuine cedar wood could be an ideal gift. The front and back of the feeder have acrylic panels which can be used to not only view the seed level, but to also inscribe the pet’s birth date, name, photo, and even a poetic saying about life and death that you know your friend would appreciate.

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Custom-Made Pet Mosaic Stone

There are very few pet memorial gifts that require the intricate workmanship and creativity that a custom-made mosaic stone does. Not only does it immortalize the pet’s physical features in art using stacks of art glass and concrete fragments that are sealed with 20-year-old grout, but it makes for a truly beautiful, unique and enduring gift that your loved one can proudly display in their home.

Unique Pet memorial gift

Personalized Granite Photo Plaque

You could also get a 6-inch round shaped photo plaque made from long-lasting granite. At the center of the plaque is where the memorial photo of your pet’s friend would be, and most frames also come with a display stand which can be purchased separately.

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Memorial Tree Pet Urn

The memory of a beloved pet can now live on as a mighty oak or Birchwood tree, thanks to these innovative memorial tree urns. Each urn container is biodegradable and comes with the seeds of your preferrePet urnd tree, with available choices including Redwood, Cherry, Jacaranda, Gingo Biloba and Mexican Fan Palm to name but a few. The seeds are grown using nutrients from your pet’s remains, and the growth is assisted by a unique growth formula that comes with the urn.

Cast Bronze Angel Pet Urn

This is one of those personalized memorial gifts that make for an ideal memento. Instead of the usual marble or wooden urn, opt for one that’s made from cast bronze and fashioned into the shape of a sleeping pet with angel wings. Your loved one can keep it around as a meaningful decorative accessory that preserves the memory of their pet long after the ashes have been scattered. You can personalize this gift even more by asking the maker to engrave the collar tag with the pet’s name and dates.

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Custom Photo Art Memorial

Acquire one of the pet owner’s favourite photos of their pet and get a visual artist to digitally reproduce the image through a combination of innovative painting software and photo editing technology. This type of art is made possible by the use of a graphics tablet with a stylus, which the artist uses to correctly and artfully recreate the original image by hand. The result is a unique piece of art that accurately represents the pet in their prime, which is how most pet owners prefer to remember their furry best friends.

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Custom Canvas Print

Canvas prints can be personalized with an image of your pet as well as their name and dates as an everlasting and elegant tribute to their memory. The canvases are available in a wide variety of sizes depending on your preferences and some even come with a thoughtful quote or poem that pays tribute to the pet’s memory.

pet memorial canvas

Pet Memorial Christmas Ornament

This is one of the most affordable pet memorial gifts on the market and it comes in the form of a Christmas-themed pet memorial ornament that has the pet’s name, dates and photo printed on the front and back. This ornament can be hung on the family’s Christmas tree as a way to commemorate the pet’s life and the memories that have been shared with it during this special time of the year.

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Pet Memorial Garden Stake

These personalized garden stakes are made with hard-wearing wrought iron with a ceramic tile insert that can be personalized to include details of the pet including the photo, name and dates. The sides are outlined with decorative patterns which are also made from wrought iron. You can place them close to your late pet’s favourite tree or garden spot as a way to honour their memory forever.

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Pet Memorial Garden Stone

This is a classic pet memorial gift that comes engraved with the words ‘in loving memory’ as well as the pet’s dates and name, which are etched alongside bone or paw prints.

These and many other pet memorial gifts add a personal touch and send a message of understanding and sympathy to your loved one in a difficult time.

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