10 reasons to buy a portrait of your pet

A Portrait of Your Pet- Yay or Nay?


People who are lucky enough to own a pet know the feeling that you get when you first meet your furry friend. It is not an exaggeration to say that your pet becomes an indispensable part of your life. Spending time apart from them can be unbearable.


As an adult you find yourself taking care of your furry buddy like your own child. You invest a lot in their health, happiness, and recreational activities. Wouldn’t it be nice if you got to keep a permanent little piece of their existence forever? A pet portrait perhaps?


At Painted Paws, you can commission a portrait of your cute friend. We provide high-quality, hand-painted artwork portraits of pets to celebrate the bond between you and your little buddy. Imagine walking into your house and seeing the ‘purrfect’ portrait of your pet.


We are going to tell you 10 reasons to buy pet portraits.


1.   You Love Them!

Well, you put pictures of yourself, your family, friends, and sometimes even celebrities on your walls. Not putting a custom made portrait of your pet, whose entire life revolves around you, is such a travesty! Profess your love for them by putting up the adorable artwork, front, and center.

Pet portrait 

2.   Honor Them

You raise your four-legged friend to be your best friend. However, you have many people in your life that you cherish. What about your pet? They only have you! You become a source of their happiness and the least you could do is honor them.


We are sure that you love them to the moon and back, so how about a pretty watercolor painting of them hanging in the hallway? We say yes to that!


3.   Preserve Their Memory

Sadness alert! All of us will inevitably leave this earth sooner or later. The pain of losing a pet is immeasurable and most pet owners can never overcome it. We want to capture their essence when they are alive, happy, and healthy. There are many ways to do it but there is a unique charm to a pencil sketched pet portrait.


Even when you are sad and going through a tough time, you will see it, smile, and relive the memories.

Pet portrait 

4.   They are Special

Human friends are great but furry friends are greater. They charm you in a way that no one else can. They provide comfort by snuggling with you on a cold winter night. They wait for you at the door when you leave for work. The love they radiate for their human friends is too pure.


Celebrate your bond with each other by creating a cool artwork portrait for them!


5.   Customize!

Rainbow inspired portraits are right up Painted Paws’ sleeve! You can take all kinds of cute pictures of your pet, but nothing beats having a portrait of them in a spiderman outfit, hanging in your living room. That will squeeze a chuckle out of you!


Customize your pet’s portrait however you want, as a princess, Gandalf, or surrounded by cute butterflies. Run wild with your imagination and let Painted Paws take care of it.

 Rainbow Pet portraits

6.   Gifting Option

Even if you don’t have a pet, you know someone who does. So why not make a creative portrait of their little companion and gift it to them? Trust us, people love it when you do something nice, not just for them but also for their pets. It is an amazing birthday gift.


Now that we gave you this awesome idea, check out Painted Paws for more ideas and inspiration.


7.   Older Folks

The new generation is more into snapping pictures and videos of their furries. However, older folks still like to look at old photos as there are memories attached to them. It transports them to that specific time.


Older people might not want to look at their phones all the time, so it would be nice to see a portrait hanging on the wall or kept on the bedside table.

 Pet Portrait in your area

8.   Capture a Moment

You know when your pet is doing something super strange, funny, or cute? Capture it and send it over to Painted Paws, so they can recreate the same moment on paper with watercolors then send it back to you. Frame that precious artwork and marvel at it from time to time.


9.   Journey

If you want to encapsulate the journey of your best friend growing up animatedly, Painted Paws is the way to go! We can imagine a wall in your room with a landscape portrait showing your pet’s stages of life. Let’s be real, are you going to go back 8 years in your photo gallery? We don’t think so.


You can see their journey from a baby to a big boy/girl, right in front of your eyes.


10.                Happiness!

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to be happy. Just walk around your house and see a bunch of quirky and cute artwork of your little buddy. It will be guaranteed to bring you joy. Express your love for them by displaying their portraits on the wall rather than inside your phones.





Even if your pet doesn’t understand the reason behind their portrait, does not mean you should not get it at all. Express your bond with your friend through our Painted Paws artworks.


At Painted Paws, we understand your special connection between you and your little friend. Our main goal is to give you happiness via what we do.


We hope that you and your four-legged fella will give us a shot! We are looking forward to painting your pet’s portraits.